Abandoned dogs: what to do

Every summer there’s talk of abandoning dogs. There are no particularly precise figures, but the numbers are still alarming: some sources speak of about 50,000 abandoned dogs in a year (and 80,000 cats); others, much more pessimistic, indicate in 100,000 the number of abandonments of dogs. The phenomenon is however important and to try to Read more about Abandoned dogs: what to do[…]

The dog: a responsibility and a commitment

Sharing your life with a dog is a unique experience for everyone, but different for everyone. Welcoming a soft pad into your family gives you the joy and cheerfulness that only a puppy can bring. His vivacity, his friendly way of approaching everyone, licking his hands as a sign of friendship, playing continuously for hours Read more about The dog: a responsibility and a commitment[…]

Diet for chronic renal failure in the dog

The diet for chronic kidney failure of the dog is very important for several factors. First of all, because the disease leads dogs to anorexia and therefore it is necessary that the diet is able to give the right calorie intake. Secondly, because it manages to control two very important aspects that aggravate the disease: Read more about Diet for chronic renal failure in the dog[…]