The best tricks against the bad smell of the sandbox

If you have a cat, you probably already know how clean these animals are. In addition to spending a large part of the day cleaning themselves, their dog proof cat litter box is the only place where they relieve themselves unless they feel upset about something. Many times his litter box gives off bad odors. This can be due to several factors. Beyond that, you may be used to the smell, for your guests it can be annoying, so we give you the best tricks against the bad smell of the sandbox.

Check the box regularly

Try to check and clean your box daily. This will significantly reduce the odor. If you have more than one cat or if your cat frequently goes to his litter box, do this inspection and cleaning twice a day. Remember that every time you clean its box, you must fill it with some more sand, as this will keep the sandbox at the optimum level and will cover the waste that you could not have removed.

Clean the box and replace the litter at least twice a month

Even if you keep the litter box clean every day, there is always little residue left between the grains of sand. These, over time, develop bacteria that in addition to generating bad odors, can also cause health problems in your cat or in members of your family. That is why it is recommended that every fortnight, you wash the drawer with warm soapy water – you can use bleach for more thorough disinfection – and leave it outdoors for a couple of hours. Once it’s dry, add new sand. Your cat will thank you and you will notice a notable decrease in bad odors.

Change the box every year

With use, your cat’s claws will leave marks on the bottom of his litter box. These gaps are difficult to access, so it will be difficult for you to achieve complete cleaning and disinfection of the bottom. It is in these places where the bacteria that generate a bad smell will accumulate. If you can change your pet’s box every year to prevent this from happening. The drawer that you discard, do not throw it away: donate it to a shelter where these objects are always well received.

Try litter box deodorants

You can use some baking soda or deodorant for your cat’s box. Do not use a lot of deodorants, as it is very likely that your cat will stop using the box. Keep in mind that it is its smell that attracts it to the box and that if it does not distinguish it, it may not use it. You can lightly spray the litter box with the deodorizing product every time you clean it.

Use sand that neutralizes odors

There are many, many products for sale that neutralize odors. You can try among them to see which one your cat prefers, as it may happen that your pet does not feel comfortable with certain products. There are a variety of materials and prices and all products can be purchased at any specialized store, they are proven to be safe for your pet. It will only be your cat’s choice that determines what litter you can use.

Place the litter box in a ventilated area

One of the main mistakes made is to place the sandbox in closed places so that it cannot be seen. The only thing that is achieved with that is that the odors are concentrated, both in the box and in the place where you place it. In addition, if your cat is not very pleasant about the place, it is very likely that he will find one where he feels comfortable. Place your litter box in a small corner that is naturally ventilated and lit. If you have a terrace, patio, or balcony, make sure it is sheltered from the rain, as many products clump together with moisture and you may spoil the product by keeping it outdoors.

The best way to keep your home odor-free is hygiene. Whether in an open or closed space, keeping your cat’s litter box clean is the best solution to bad smells and possible health problems.

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